Mathematical Statistics

Spring 2022 @ UIUC

Welcome to the Spring 2022 semester of STAT 510, Mathematical Statistics, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. STAT 510 is a graduate level mathematical statistics course that is appropriate for students pursuing an MS in Statistics. As much of the material will be similar to material seen in undergraduate mathematical statistics courses, we hope to:

# probability
x = rexp(n = 100)

# inference
boot_reps = replicate(n = 500, median(sample(x, replace = TRUE)))

Almost all course information can be found on this website. We will use three additional external sites:

Additional information about these resources, including access information, can be found in the Syllabus! If this is your first time on this website, that should be the first thing you read. If you’re a student progressing through the course, you’ll find the information for each week in the links to the left or in the burger menu. The numbered links correspond to the weeks of the course.